Group Training

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2:1 Personal Training

These are sessions aimed at couples or friends who want to train together. It’s nice to train with a partner to help push each other on

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Booty Builder Bootcamp

If you’re looking to improve the size of your ‘Peach’, then this bootcamp is for you. This is all about booty building. Your glutes are your body's anchor and absolutely necessary for every day-to-day activities.

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Pre-Season Ready Camp

Teams and individuals are welcome to join my ‘Season Ready Camp’. Whether it’s a pre-season training camp for a full team; an in-season strength and conditioning training camp, or a sports recovery camp for 1 player.

Spinning Class

Spinning can be intimidating for some individuals but it’s actually a very fun way of burning calories and getting fit. Improve your lower body and cardiovascular endurance with this low impact workout, by booking a private spin session or class.