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First, book a free consultation with me where we can arrange to discuss your fitness goals and desires.
All documentation I’ll need you to complete can be completed and submitted online.



Diet Plan

  • One off plan

  • Detailed Macros and calories

  • Tailor-made diet plan

  • Flexible food range

  • Supplement advice

Training Plan
  • One off plan

  • Free on-going support

  • Includes a guided warm-up and warm-down routine

  • Free Initial Consultation and Goal Settings

  • Personalised Workout Programme tailored to your needs

  • Offer a more challenging, varied and fun workout

  • Require little or no special equipment

  • Create a sense of friendship  among the participants.

  • Good for networking

  • All packages and memberships booked are valid for one month

  • Any unused sessions will not roll over to the following month

  • All fees are paid in  full on commencement of training (pre-paid)

  • Working hours are 9am-8pm Extra fee will be charged outside those hours

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