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What is included in your packages?

Depending on the package/membership, these are some of the services:
➢ •Free Initial Consultation and Goal Setting
➢ •Fitness Assessment
➢ •Personalised Workout Programme
➢ •Accountability and Support
➢ •Bring a friend once a month for a 2x1 PT Session*
➢ •Unlimited access to private bootcamps/classes

Is a diet plan included?

Tailored diet plans are included with online coaching (included in the price). I give diet guidance for face to face training, which includes your macros and calories. If you would like a full diet plan this is available to purchase upon request

What is the difference between a package and a membership?

A membership is a monthly subscription (3 months minimum) this usually works out better value for money. A package is ideal if you would like pay month by month and is ideal is you cannot commit for longer periods

I have a specific goal, do you tailor programs?

During our initial consultation we will discuss your goals and make a specific plan tailored to your needs to ensure we can get you there; this could be weight loss, strength and conditioning, building muscle or creating a healthy lifestyle and everything in between!

How long will it take for me to see results?

The more you put in the more you get out! You need to be consistent in your training and diet to see results. Everybody is different, the goal is for you to create a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain whilst transforming your body to reach your goal.

I am a beginner and have never worked out before, can you help me?

Exercise is for everyone! I teach you to exercise correctly, and safely and we work together to build up your strength and stamina so you grow confidence and can train on your own

I want to lose fat in certain areas and grow specific parts of my body, is this possible?

It is important to set realistic goals, every person is different and has different genetics! It is not possible to target fat loss in specific areas, but we can certainly work towards growing areas of the body and sculpting your shape to create your desired physique

Can I work out with a friend?

Yes! I offer training for 2 people that can be purchased HERE Bootcamps are great for you to workout with a friend or a group of friends

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